Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Instruction manual please!

At the birth of our second child, Kassy, I remember my Father-in-law Rick telling me he wished children came with an instruction manual. "Just when you think you've got parenting figured out, you have another child and the same things don't work!" he said. Emma has definately illustrated this principal in our family.

With the first 2 kids we didn't put locks on cabinets with cleaners (they never tried to play with or eat the cleaners), crayons always stayed in the high drawers, etc. Around the time Emma turned 2 I kept finding the playdough and other art supplies left out and scattered. I keep these supplies in our mud room in the upper cabinets. I accused Hunter and Kassy of getting these things down for Emma, and sternly requested that they STOP! They insisted they hadn't done it, over and over they insisted. I just KNEW Emma couldn't have gotten them down, she was only 2!! Until one day Don quietly witnessed Emma as she negotiated the terrain of the mud room: she used the drawer pulls as latter rungs and simply steped her way up to the counter. Then, she opened the cabinet doors, pulled on the the desired tupperware full of art supplies until it flew off the shelf landing on the floor. Then she'd scurry down and play with it. Genious! :-)

The thing about Emma that throws me off was that she doesn't ask for help, so I don't even know that she's getting into this stuff unless she leaves evidence. Kassy and Hunter have always asked for help with things, or permission to use things, but Emma doesn't. It's funny, she's not malicious or rebellious at all. I honestly think that asking for help just doesn't occur to her. She knows she can do things on her own, so she does. I LOVE IT! The girl is capable and independant, watch out world! I finally caught her on film the other day, scaling the pantry shelves to get a mint. :-) Oh, how I love her!

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Satterlees said...

I'm just jealous of all the food in your pantry...that never happens around here;)